The term “convenience casino” may be replaced by “neighborhood casino” or “county casino”.

It is important that we pay attention to what is happening in New Jersey.  It is my opinion that we could be facing a similar situation here in Newport.  Christie and his cronies are trying to direct the people of NJ to amend the constitution that would allow a statewide vote to expand casino gambling in northern NJ.

mini casino

We cannot trust Taylor and Twin Rivers or our upstate politicians.  I’d like to think I’m wrong, but I can see them trying to get a state wide vote in a couple years via a constitutional amendment to keep Newport Grand alive WITH table games … removing the local vote.   Although their current offer is to relocate the license from Newport to Tiverton, I don’t think they have any plans to remove casino revenue from Newport.  I just don’t see their addiction to this revenue subsiding … nor their desire to pull as much money as possible out of Newport.

A lot can and will happen in the next two to four years in the industry.  I think chances are good that there will be a push to increase the saturation even more than what exists with the 60 northeast casinos.  The term “convenience casino” may be replaced by “neighborhood casino” or “county casino”.