By Bob Englehart – Hartford Courant cartoonist says “Let the casino war begin!”

This political cartoon from the Hartford Courant pretty much says it all…soon we will have a casino on every corner!  This is crazy don’t you think?

As an editorial cartoonist, I thrive on absurdity. My cup runneth over these days from the Mideast to Hartford. Take the latest round of casino building. Connecticut’s Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff, D-Norwalk, said, “Massachusetts has declared economic war on us, and we’re going to fight back.” Let the casino war begin, or be built. All we want is their money, right? We don’t care how we get it, short of outright theft. Connecticut creating a better climate for businesses, more well-paying jobs, a lower cost of living, a cheaper tax burden, a better quality of life, than Massachusetts, that stuff would take too much effort and creativity from our elected officials. Better to saber rattle…er jiggle the poker chips in your pocket.

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