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Citizens Concerned About Casino Gambling – P.O. Box 1272 – Newport, RI 02840

CCACG Saturday Meeting

In 1977, approximately 35 years ago, a group of Newporter’s banded together to defeat an attempt to build a gambling casino in the city. The victory by that group who came to be known as Citizens Concerned About Casino Gambling (CCACG)

How many times must the voters say NO to expanded Aquidneck Island Newport Casino Gambling? The Newport City council if deciding in favor of enabling yet another RI General Assembly deliberation, leading to another local community & state wide general citizens vote, is not only ill advised and dangerous. Such a behavior is clearly against the results of all previous Newport citizens votes on this topic of expanded casino gambling aka table games.

The plunder and misery from the present gambling Establishments is self evident. Finally to even further fund our bloated State Government by this method just prolongs the slavery of totalitarian socialism and a companion misery of economic terrorism, especially here in RI.

The present recipe still in play has significantly contributed to the malfeasance, corruption and outright incompetence at especially the RI General Assembly. Yes, gambling is not now and cannot be a viable foundational to fund government services and or for economic development and returning jobs e.g. creating wealth and a shared opportunity & prosperity to RI or Newport County.

This casino gambling (by any name) is a plague Destroying the fabric of RI further via the illness & destruction that comes with casino gambling & this was a wrong decision yesterday, is a wrong decision today and surely is a wrong decision for tomorrow.

Again, How many times must the Newport voters say NO to expanded Casino Gambling, a plague that sucks the economic life blood out of the community while leaving the poor even poorer?

If saying NO, hopefully by the Newport City Council and or voters, would mean that the present location must be re purposed such is an opportunity to realize an improvement to the community and all of RI.

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