2016 Election – State and Local Candidates advocacy – Casinos and Gambling

CCACG asked three questions focused on understanding each Newport candidate’s advocacy when it comes to expanding gambling and protecting a community’s right to decide.

CCACG Questionnaire for 2016 Newport Candidates:

1. Do you pledge to oppose any efforts to retain or expand gambling operations at Newport Grand if the Tiverton casino proposal is approved by State and Tiverton voters?      

2. If the Tiverton casino proposal is rejected by Tiverton or State voters, do you pledge to oppose any efforts to expand gambling operations at Newport Grand?  

3. Do you pledge to fight any proposal to amend the Rhode Island Constitution to remove the right of voters in a municipality to prevent the introduction of new forms of gambling into their communitysurvey_grid_casino_election_responsesCitizens Concerned About Casino Gambling is comprised of supporters with a wide range of motivations.

Citizen concerns include:

  • the introduction and expansion of all forms of gambling
  • unfair competition and impact on local businesses
  • increasing reliance on gambling, already our third largest source of state revenue
  • the unfair impact to the most vulnerable in society
  • the corruption political views with its expansive financial influence
  • increased crime, embezzlement, and financial ruin for entire families
  • decreased property values around casinos
  • the oversaturation of casinos in the Northeast
  • gambling addiction as a public health concern, with the highest rate of suicide of any addiction
  • the General Assembly’s ability to change the law at will to authorize more than 2 casinos
  • protecting the constitutional right of each municipality to reject it
  • the inevitable decline of casino revenue over time, and efforts to seek new ways to replace it
  • lack of long term plans to reduce our dependency on gambling
  • lack of funding for gambling addiction programs

CCACG will continue its work to both inform and reform, including efforts to ask that any gambling revenue ABOVE current levels be applied to the state debt and gambling addiction services, and to not incur new dependency on more gambling revenue.

We would also hope to request a plan to wean off of gambling revenue be adopted, as we must not feed our state’s growing addiction.